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Welcome to the Waddle dee and mario Wiki

a wiki about a fictional plush series called waddle dee and mario

the show

the newbie

and the idiot

oldest and biggest characters


3rd wario age 76
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2nd bowser age 80

1st principal toad age 100


3rd bowser height 22 in.

2nd kirby height 23 in.

1st wario height 36 in.

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dee dee waddle waddle

new features on the wiki

friday september 13 2013 we now have  Color cagetorities a characters main color will be put in a color cagetory

sunday september 29 2013 the waddle arena is open come vote on the fights

friday october 18 2013 waddle dee and mario has its own facebook page run by mousy mouse check it out sometime(note there was not a cagetory for fictional series so the cagetory is fictional character)

friday october 20 2013 WOW a character that wasnt upcoming has arrived its sonic the hedgehog sonic is also the first sonic the hedgehog character to join too

friday febuary 7 2014 waddle dee and mario wiki reaches its 100th articleLight blue yoshi!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


mushes real name is mushroom and mini mushes real name is minuature mushroom

principal toad the bee and the libiarian all have the same favorite student they all have their favorite student as bowser

featured article*

Vice Principal Toad

vice principal toad is the vice principal of plushschool like principal toad he uses the bathroom in his diaper read moar...

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Birthdays for characters 

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