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public plush is a place in plushville it has 3 public buildings inside it

public plush(this image is the 100th image on the wiki)



plushschool seems to be the entire top floor it is where the plushes are taught by blue puppy the classroom is on the top left and the computer room is on the top right lunch is eaten at the plush cafe

plush cafe[]

it is the place closest to the door(bottom left) it is where plushes eat it is a restraunt

plush theater[]

it is on the bottom right the plushes watch movies here


these are places bathrooms are located

1. in the middle of the top floor

2.located in the computer room

3.downstairs in one of the halls leading to plush theater

other rooms[]

unexplored room[]

it is a room on the top floor next to the classroom and bathroom 1 nothings known about it except its walls are light purple

teachers lounge[]

its a room on the top floor next to the computer lab and the stairs


its a door by bathroom 3 it has stairs leading to the basement


its where food at public plush is given out


ITS MY HOUSE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11111111